Life Coaching

Life Coaching

Wise desicions, courage, joy and inspiration from coaching!

Have you ever thought, how wonderful it would be to have a support team of your own, e.g. . when facing challenging changes in life, or are in need of an extra push. Someone, who listens to you with respect and encouragement , and who holds space so that you gain clarity and certainty in your ‘map’
Like in an acorn, we ourselves have all the answers within us just waiting for us, to become more conscious about them.

Coaching sessions can give

  • clarity for decisions making
  • new perspective and strengths in life changing situations
  • more joy to our every day life, more time to the things that matter us most
  • methods and encouragement for filling our heart’s desires, dreams
  • insights for how and why we and others act or behave the way they do (family, friends, our partner, relationships at work)

Coaching at its best helps us to direct ourselves towards things we wish for. Discovering our own strengths is an empowering experience , which inspires us. Enthusiasm is very attractive and supports our happiness , because we are more in touch with our inner wisdom.

One coaching session takes an hour.

MB Coaching is a professional certification, ICF (International Coach Federation) approved.