Reikikurssit Espoossa (The Reiki Network)

Reiki Classes in Espoo* (The Reiki Network)

“Millions of people treat themselves with Reiki every day. Reiki brings balance, relaxation, peace of mind, pain relief, faster recovery time…”

Reiki skill is life riding a bike, useful and natural. All can learn Reiki and it brings “new scenery to our lives”. Reiki is also a jumping board in discovering one's true self and even in understanding one's life purpose, whatever it is. Due to the fact that Reiki increases creativity and our ability to focus, it is no wonder, that many very accomplished people have taken a Reiki class. Many Reiki student who work in interactive professions have reported the balancing and harmonizing effect of Reiki.

ReikiNetworkLogoREIKI I 2 days

In Reiki I we learn self healing, which gives us the base to our own wellbeing. In the class Reiki is activated permanently.
We also learn how to give Reiki to others, exploring the limitless uses for Reiki including animals and plants, as well as group Reiki.
Reiki I includes both history and current state of Reiki in the world, as well as information on the human energy system and causes of illness.

REIKI II 2 days

Reiki II is an expansion and deepening into the use of Reiki .
We learn distant healing and 3 Reiki symbols. We learn new techniques, which strengthen all that we have learnt so far. These techniques allow multitude of new applications for Reiki (in every day life: Communication, harmony, protection, home, workspace).

Prerequisite: Reiki I (The Reiki Network). If you have studied in another Reiki school and want to continue with Reiki II of The Reiki Network, contact me.

*Class location: Nöykkiö, Espoo (Bus to Ostoskeskus Liila, Martinsillantie)

Book tip: Lena Johansson, Reiki Parantava Energia