Reiki Energy Sessions - Health and Vitality

Reiki Energy Sessions - Health and Vitality

reikiWhat happens in a Reiki session?

In a Reiki session your own energy reserves are filled, and so the body itself has the best condition to heal, recharge and strengthen to face life's challenges. When energy balance is regained also the body, mind and spirit will balance.
During a Reiki session the body's own healing system is activated , our immune system is strengthened , pain is eased, injuries heal faster and we sleep better. Reiki affects also our spiritual wellbeing: the body relaxes, symptoms of stress ease out, mind is refreshed, fears disappear, positive outlook increases and facing difficulties gets easier. Many people have received help e.g. quitting smoking
As a deeply relaxing modality, Reiki expands our creativity and opens new views, insights to everyday life situations.

How do you give Reiki?

In a session the client lies down on a Reiki table and he or she is fully dressed in comfortable, preferably in clothes made of natural materials. Reiki practitioner uses his or her hands to channel Reiki energy through the chakra system to the body of the client. The treatment takes one hour. Many times the client falls asleep in the state of deep relaxation.

How often?

The need for Reiki sessions varies individually. One needs only a couple of sessions and , another many more for the same symptom. It is recommendable to have a few sessions in the beginning e.g. 3 session package. After that one can come to Reiki, when one feels the need to energy recharge. You may also come to Reiki without any problem – as preventive tool – to keep you physically and psychically in balance.