Inspirational Talks (duration 45 - 60 min)

Inspirational Talks (duration 45 - 60 min)

I love speaking about Reiki and wellbeing. And have given lectures for smaller and bigger audience in private and public events e.g. Reiki Days, Yle talk radio as well as in Valossa Vapaana, Levi. Best moments for me is when I notice people really becoming inspired of their own lives and wellbeing.

Sunday lecture was started by Reiki Master Minna Heinonen with topic ‘get inspired and succeed’. Her lively and brisk nature is a good publicity for this topic. Minna’s devotion to her subject and funny exercises captivated the public 100 %.”


-Extract from Reikitie newsletter


Stay in the flow and feel good. This is a story about intuition, self sabotage and fine tuning of our radio station. Intuition is our 6. th sense, guidance system, the use of which makes our lives more joyful and enjoyable. Which channel are we on, our feelings and thoughts mirror our life. In the lecture we will learn few easy techniques how to immediately change our physical and mental state.


"Quality of life starts from the right food" -Nuritionist Sinikka Pakeman
Hippokrates said:: ‘Let thy food be thy medicine’.
Nature is an endless source of treasures and we have lots of good plants and nutritive substances, to support our body’s individual needs. This lecture involves the current state of our nourishment and gives simple ideas on how to improve one’s diet and vitality quite easily. Healthy mind, healthy body .

The biggest gift, you can give to people close to you, is to take good care of yourself

REIKI ENERGY HEALING – health and vitality

This presentation gives a good general picture on Reiki as a complementary healing method from it’s history to the current state and answers the questions on what Reiki treatment is like, to whom it is suited for and what are the benefits of it as well as how Reiki can be combined with other healing methods.

REIKIWORKSHOP (duration 2 hours)

Usually it is our own experience that counts. Reikiworkshop gives the possibility to experience Reiki , and includes a short presentation of Reiki as treatment. After the presentation the participants get 1. the First attunement , of Reiki’s 4 attunements which is also used as a treatment method. With this attunement the participant receives a temporary Reiki skill (with a duration of 2 weeks – 3 months). In the workshop Reiki’s self treatment method will be learned and the participants will experience one hour’s deeply relaxing self treatment on themselves. This Reiki skill is temporary and the permanent Reiki skill requires Reiki First level course.